Get early dibs on the app – Join the Internal Testing Crew!

Hey there! Wanna be part of something epic? We’re rolling out the red carpet for a select few to get first dibs on the Cobo app – the newest, slickest way to shop online and get your goods delivered straight from The Cobo Dispensary. Whether you’re team Android or iOS, we’re inviting YOU to help us put the finishing touches on this game-changer. Dive in, explore, and let us know how we can crank this app up to eleven.

How to Jump In:

  1. Drop Your Email: Kick things off by dropping your email into the void. That’s your golden ticket to becoming part of the inner circle, plus it’s how we’ll shoot you the details and your special link for direct access to the app.

  2. Pick Your Playground: Are you team Android or team iOS? Pick your side in the dropdown so we can get you set up on the platform you rock the most.

  3. Hit Us Up & Hang Tight: After you’ve punched in your details, hit that submit button. Then, kick back and keep an eye on your inbox for the insider info on how to access the Cobo app and start giving us the lowdown on your experience.

Your Mission:

As a key player in the Cobo app beta squad, you’ll get to navigate through the latest in online shopping and delivery experience, designed specifically for The Cobo Dispensary aficionados. Your mission is to explore every nook and cranny, identify any pesky bugs, and give us the scoop on how to elevate the user experience.

Why You’ll Love Being Part of This:

  • Early Bird Special: Be among the first to experience the Cobo app, and flaunt your early adopter status.
  • Shape the Future: Your feedback could be the secret ingredient we need to transform the Cobo app from awesome to absolutely indispensable.
  • Join the Cobo Crew: Connect with a community of trendsetters and tech lovers who are as passionate about innovation as you are.

We’re beyond excited to welcome you to our internal testing squad. Your insights and enthusiasm are exactly what we need to make the Cobo app a total knockout. Thanks for being game to join us on this ride – let’s make history together!

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